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John Der33 i hope you know how to tell ppl how to play this map and what to do on it
ATTENTION donot download from here MATRIXUKR stole this map from dajnet and keeps uploading it even after being asked not to this guy has no respect for any one and is only out for him self on whos nods he can steal and claim as his own
Notoneoftheboys dont play it and go play another map and keep your mouth shut no one said you had to download it or play it so dont run your trap
its. sad how some one can take some one eles map and upload and DID NOT GET PERMISSION. to even upload the map and when asked to take it down he dont and only goes and uplads it again over. and over and still cant tell any one new to this map on how to get past the loading screen
can not buy field 36 still has alot of grass in the roads lack of trees the road needs to be updated
kevmeister it is not a wip and there is updates every week this guy took it and dont know how to tell ppl how to play it
porknbeans you need to dubble click on one of the farms you want to start on wait and it will load if not you will be setting on load screen
sad that some one like matrixukr to take some ones map then cant tell no one how to use it or what they even need just puts the latest mod pack update when you need every update pack in order to have evertything that you need for this map or it wont do no good to even try to play it if you know how to get though the loading screen
John Der33 you did not ask me to take this mod off of and upload it here i have done this mod for fs22 and fs19 least you could have said my name some where you theft
dubble click on a farm then it will load