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on Krampe Bandit 750
6 years ago

I've finally worked it out!! You were unloved as a child so stealing others mods makes you feel loved now isn' it??!!

4 years ago

This is an unofficial conversion of a map by Tommx55, who is working on re-working HIS map for FS17, Tautvis is a known thief of mods and every download he gets, gives him money so everybody show some respect to the original author of the map by not downloading this!

on Belgique Profonde
6 years ago

Stolen from:

on Churn Farm Map 2015
6 years ago

Stolen from:

on Ford Fiesta WRC
5 years ago

completely undriveable!

Rather than support the kretins that run this site why don' you all support the actual person who created this map (BulletBill) by downloading it from the OFFICIAL download link here:

on Case Magnum 315 CVX
6 years ago

What's the map you use in all of your pics please?

on Deleted
6 years ago

You could have at least left it with the Original link to the maps creator!! Once again Zallamann is uploading other peoples work and only giving little credit to the original author!! Reported to admin!

on Ballymoon Castle Map
4 years ago

It's not his map, he's simply stolen it off the official website and uploaded as his own here