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on Money Cheat Mod
6 years ago
I put the Money Mod into my Mods folder. when I need some money I press these buttons! hold down left control button, then press A button.. you'll see a cash sign appear, and hear a cash register sound when done right
on Kemping bicycle
5 years ago
(im downloading this one indeed)..that's hilarious..but totally green -I get it.. insert some music. Queen - Bicycle Race..."i want to ride my bicycle"
no problem here. "Go Big or Go Home" #Fordattude..I think its a totally different map, + seasons = more realism. the main is Perfect, just what this map needed..**the light posts do get in the way with bigger implements** so be prepared. keep it up - enjoying this map.
close - but..where are the steps to enter the cab, fuel tank, front hydraulics.. do your research (international Harvester Case 7000 series- is the Exact same product) the only physical difference is the "cab shape"..and I feel that you blurred the camera in all the shots, to disguise the "lack of detail". a Allis-Chalmers 8000 4WD is still a 1988 Case International 7000 series Magnum
don' let your mangina bleed out, because we don' want your virus attached mods - find a different site Like Modland to upload to..what your doing is Farming people Here, for that site.
use the link on the right. works fine
shad up..what's your name..rotten crotch? (I meant Shit4Brains)
this mod doesn' work. shows up on mods list of installed, go to buy the product? - game freezes.
this mod doesn' show in the game to purchase, shows in options/mods