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Caution, when I tried to download this mod from it's external web site my Norton advised of an web attack.
I had to reinstall my game, I came to reinstall the Pine Cove Farm map and now it's an external download site. Too bad, I refuse to use external websites to dl mods, nearly every time my Norton advises of web attacks. I'm very disappointed because it's a fabulous map.
I love the Pine Cove Map, I need to reinstall it and now it's only available from external sites that cause my Norton to advise of a web attack. Please allow this map to dl thru
Lot of potential, lot of interest, but I don' download from external sites except Modland. Will watch for that to change to check it out.
This mod shows great potential,, too bad you've shared it externally on a site that has web attack every time. If it's available elsewhere I will give it a try.
This is a great map very realistic! (Honestly I live here), only wish there was a wide open flat area for replaceable like a factory or sale point or two to keep things interesting and money making. PS: the roads and forests are so real you can actually get lost and fall over a cliff, just like in real life Montana.
I find it only works good on flat maps, if there are any hills or depressions the plow misses large sections. Its so big it's hard to get back to those spots.
Absolutely a joy to play this map!