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Yeah - Dick..we're pretty much friends with Taylors Farm..snif snif - you smell like cop...stop trying to 'know it all' around here...bitches that are snitches...belong in ditches..wearing stitches - for britches..and Fu*k Fakebook!
on Microtractor Tobata
4 years ago
wasted all your Mod time making this POS?
i had this mod..took it out, becauses it crashes 1.37. its not real exitting either...comes with basic options -Borrrrrring. this truck is for dumb dumbs and mod count..there is better.
@TruckerFreak420 - your are right. paying for privelage has it's honor..with one exception. Self Discipline is FREE and with honor + esteem ++ dignity. Self Government without Self Discipline is a recipie for Self Distruction. Paul Harvey 3003 Landon Lecture "there is anarchy in the un-button brains of a handfull of looney birds, who dont desserve to be the rest of us can' be...and it's down that road that whole nations go from Regulation to Tyranny" @TruckerFreak420 conclusion. Paying..does not prevent or stop thievery, Rules and Regulation hasnt even controlled it..a thieve exsists because Thieving parents produce more thieves nor Parent by example. if i may be so bold to say sir, The ONLY way to stop, or prevent thievery is by self discipline and by setting the example so that others might follow and then its may already be too late.
4 years ago
@BulletBill created this map..and is one HellaMap..little loss of FPS around the main farm (not bad tho) I really don' want to point out all the finer things incorporated into this map mod, so yes download and explore this map - its gorgeous day and night, the custom textures are 100% perfect..plenty of placeable room. you got last seasons grain in the silo..perfect time to record a course play run to the sell point with the provided semi and trailer (if you never have, now is the time to learn) there is free water at the pond. this little gem comes alive with all that background animation from course play and hired of the finest maps out there for FS17 only 5MB. With FS19 due to be released in couple months..this is a nice comfortable farm to settle into and make home for the next few months.
on Mobile ramp
4 years ago
is this ramp Evel Knievel approved
on Rear engine dragster
4 years ago
on Steiger Tiger KP525
3 years ago
1984 - 86 Steiger TIGER KP Series lV 525HP 420 @drawbar 18.8L Turbo after cooled Cummings KAT 1150 inline 6 cyl..1575 lb - ft Torque 6x4 Allison CLT 6 speed electric Powershift Transmission (24 forward, 4 reverse) Thank You BHModding for this gem.
on Case Steiger 9190 VE
3 years ago
no I was talking about the Case IH version of the Steiger this one instead of 480 needs 1000 HP..ive seen the Case quadtrack mod in FS19, but its not the same (only a color change)..having the decals and such say Steiger, Steiger emblem on the grill, ect would be nice..with black interior and no red seat. I pull a John Deere 2623 49 ft disc (with back attach) coupled to the Lemken 1600 disc roller (as a finisher) I know that a lot of work in a sim its called farm work for a reason
on 1984 Chevrolet k30
3 years ago
the color texture Is low rent (bad) I deleted it. it worked fine..just not the mod for me