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1 year ago
Unfortunately, can't get the mod anymore. You need to get "access" to the file on Google Drive now
on Lamborghini Huracan
9 months ago

Never seen a Huracan with butterfly doors before... Interesting. I like it

on Honda S2000
1 month ago

Notice how the kids that don't pay for it are the ones that talk trash, yet the people that do pay, actually like them🤡

@WWWWW Sorry man, I need to make money somehow - I can’t get a normal job due to a personal disability so this is my only option

Why would you trust a dude with 8 followers

It looks great, don't listen to the whiny babies that think everything should be free. People like you work hard to make these and deserve appreciation for it

A modland poster who credits the creators... You, my friend, are a different breed
on Honda S2000
1 month ago

@Nooby_Bob Right, but there’s just certain things that paid mods have that free ones don‘t. There’s a hint of special that comes with these. The mods aren’t always the best, yeah, but supporting the creator is what matters most. Sometimes they, like myself, can’t get an actual job due to disability, so it’s our only way of making money. Hopefully I got my point across without sounding rude

Give Agent_Y credit at least