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Guys seriously.. the truck mod is a complete mess with millions of errors and warnings everywhere barely converted to 1.37/1.38 and your fix obviously didnt fix anything.... sorry but i dont use unpolished mods, and smart people i hope do the same.

I guess this is owned trailer only? next time, please specify that, its important (owned trailers only are completely pointless).

Its a shame that you cant customize it with a left driving wheel. Only reason i just cant use this mod.

Cip sounds are terrible, sorry. He did a great job in previous versions, but with the addition of fmod, they sound too bad and the fade -in and fade - off effects are completely missplaced, its even better to have the stock sounds instead.

You mentioned russian spaces.. that map mod is terrible, so no ima not going to download this lol.

THERE ISNT A 2019 VERSION DUDE. IT IS THE 2018, IT ALWAYS WAS. Stop uploading it with a different name.

on Pegaso Troner
8 months ago

I was curious about this mod, but the stupid modder blocked the file, again. And i dont use blocked mod, modders who do that are completely dumbarses. Please stop ruining the ETS modding community, morons.

Thanks, nice mod. For some reason i expected another unpolished rubbish mod, but i was wrong. You did a nice job with this restauration...

link to the original mod, please? not going to download this without knowing it comes from the real source.

Yup this mod is completely trash. Why people cant make polished and good mods ecapes me. And no no unpolished mods in my game. Better to avoid possible performance issues.