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If you dont include proper sounds with the cars, this mod is almost pointless.
Yup dude, until SCS redesign the trailer docks, making possible for longer trailers to actually sit, this mod is unusable, sorry. Its just a waste of time, period. Avoid downloading guys.
Disgusting mod. Yeah, i could also make a hyper detailed 3d model on Blender, and call it "amazing mod with amazing details". But i dont think this guy knows that for gaming, you need to know how to make good models, you need to bake high details on low poly models. Thats how videogames work. You just dont paste the high poly model in to the game. Thats idiotic and this only shows that this guy has zero clue about modelling or modding at all. This mod is terrible, but if people love to play with fps drops all the time, well, its their choice. OF COURSE ITS A BEAUTIFUL MODEL BECAUSE ITS A HIGH POLY MODEL. IDIOTS.
Please dude, either you remove those ugly half-moon skyboxes, or do something about it. Its completely breaking my immersion!!!
Still, no windows animations hahahahahaha. Such lousy modders.... sorry, but im not using any mod from a modder that after so many versions, still hanst been able to add animations on windows. Ridiculous.
Sadly this trailer is pretty boring as it is, owning trailers in this game is completely pointless. If you could at least add deliveries that will change things.
Its cool to be able to haul those amazing heavy cargos, but many of them are unusable in the moment you use a map mod like promods. Or well, even some vanila SCS bridges are also too short for many of these cargoes. You really should consider to put a limit on the height of all cargos, or even making the collision box just a little smaller so we can actually haul without crashing on bridges.
Guys seriously.. the truck mod is a complete mess with millions of errors and warnings everywhere barely converted to 1.37/1.38 and your fix obviously didnt fix anything.... sorry but i dont use unpolished mods, and smart people i hope do the same.
I guess this is owned trailer only? next time, please specify that, its important (owned trailers only are completely pointless).
@MPL NO weather mods at all. Since 1.39, SCS has significantly improved weather and skyboxes. Whoever uses graphic mods these days is completely clueless. Also, not a single graphic mod, except grimes, probably is worthy. They ALL have skyboxes issues, lightning issues, or other issues. Bad transitions between day/night, not fully compatibility with other map mods like rusmap, roextended, etc. And this one specifically brutal weather is the worst of all, moon skyboxes are horrible, there are constant problems when skyboxes transition from day to night, excessive fog that makes the game unplayable, bad lightning improvements, i could go on all day. But since people is completely brainless, they will keep using this mod even if the gameplay experience is way worst. Well, i guess these are the folks who dont even know about nvidia inspector and they love to play the game with amazing flickering, terrible aliasing and shimmering all over the place lol. Im sure of it.