Hello Folks my name is The Godfather i mod ATS Mods Company known as The Godfather's Mods Company and we started in 2021 i do Truck,Trailer & AI Traffic Paintjob Livery's of Real Companies Real Brands also Famous Musicians Well Known Movies and much more i am always doing fresh skins i have been doing Mods for over 18 months now but always trying to find new stuff to work on i also Run You Tube channel known as Australia Worldwide Gaming i have been doing that now for 5 years now and love it..

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on Kenworth T608
3 months ago

do not download fully broken sorry to say 

on Kenworth T909
3 months ago

@CW Burnes and what he not the 1st to be bag out of on here it happens to all of us its funny because they just trolls that have nothing else to do they dont have a life or wife or anything to do but just be trolls if rsh cant handle it then he dont belong in our game simple 

nice mod can u find the cment aussie b double
on Kenworth T909
3 months ago

@CW Burnes and u know what about modding hah tell me yeah nothing your just like the rest that have nothing else to do but spread your trolls all over the place wont work with me keep trying its all funny at least i have a real job 

on MACK Pinnacle CHU613
8 months ago
pure trash
@The Godfather @NFL.WOLF your wrong its a TSA Drop deck i know because i skin for them they also Road trains a B Doubles im aussie and know my trucks and trailers i run a YT channel and know trust me
this needs a tamplate that works
can u update the cars ai pack as it creashed my game yesterday when i was livestreaming its the GMC Car that did it as i showed on my list where issues are shown
as a follow aussie we all know that u have no right to add this pack on here and ask u to remove it on behalf of RTA Mods i will be reporting this to them