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My name is The Aussie Don The Godfather i have been building Mods of ATS & ETS2 Since 2021 and do Paintjob skins for Trucks , Trailers , Freight market & Ai Traffic also Mud Flaps and more I run a You Tube channel known as Australia Worldwide Gaming & Entertainment and do Livestreaming of Simulation & Much more with Livestreams , Uploaded videos and Shorts i Stream ATS & ETS2 on around 3 times each week with ATS On Monday's & Thursday's

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its not the crew motorfest okay stop adding cars its a truck simulation videogame 

@Metal Knights its because its a scam 

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2 weeks ago

@Danny how about u do grow up ya bot u have to act as a Guest because your fake 

could u please update this mod for 1.48 of ATS Would love to see this come back

on USA Trailer Pack
2 weeks ago

@hangmslf101 buy it