Hello Folks my name is The Godfather i mod ATS Mods Company known as The Godfather's Mods Company and we started in 2021 i do Truck,Trailer & AI Traffic Paintjob Livery's of Real Companies Real Brands also Famous Musicians Well Known Movies and much more i am always doing fresh skins i have been doing Mods for under 1 year but always trying to find new stuff to work on i also Run You Tube channel known as Australia Worldwide Gaming i have been doing that now for over 4 years and love it..

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nice mod can u find the cment aussie b double
@The Godfather @NFL.WOLF your wrong its a TSA Drop deck i know because i skin for them they also Road trains a B Doubles im aussie and know my trucks and trailers i run a YT channel and know trust me
this needs a tamplate that works
on MACK Pinnacle CHU613
4 months ago
pure trash
can u update the cars ai pack as it creashed my game yesterday when i was livestreaming its the GMC Car that did it as i showed on my list where issues are shown
as a follow aussie we all know that u have no right to add this pack on here and ask u to remove it on behalf of RTA Mods i will be reporting this to them