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on Chevy duramax
8 months ago
Are you for real? What's the problem with shelling out some cash from your wallet for a mod?


Cons                Civetta JBeam           Not very good damage                 Default mode has a V8 for some reason


And THAT's how I know this mod probably has ****ty quality without even downloading.

8 months ago
You said that ON MODLAND? LOL

Alright, so @that one guy made his Mesh swap for the AN12B and submitted it(

@Duh Anime Addict then reuploaded it on the BeamNG forums and had to be pressured to give credits to @that one guy for the mesh swap.

And then, for whatever reason, someone on this website decided to frame @a plane guy from the BeamNG forums for reuploading the texture swap and mesh swap done by @Duh Anime Addict and @that one guy. It is unknown who this impersonator account belongs to, but they are not the real person.

And of course, none of these guys ever credited @dummiesman for the AN12B JBEAM at all, no mention or credits.

Life can be strange sometimes

That Feeling When @SpoolingDiesel  makes memorial mods paid

on Buggati Chiron
7 months ago

@Anonymous 100% smoking weed or snorting coke

Waiting for someone to buy and try this, is it any good?

Just crash the van mod head on and you'll see the horrifying truth
on Wentward Pack
2 months ago

@gravityzulu I swear, it must be a bot. he's uploaded 2200 mods total

on Mercedes AMG One
2 months ago

@Admin Please delete this, I'm Fed up with this toxicity