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Panzercross Historical Immersion Mod 1.3.0 []

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uploaded 2019-08-17 12:37:24, by John Der33

This mod is a look and feel immersion enhancement to vanilla world of tanks. It contains the following:
- HD Tank Decals (Alternate Versions for Japan, Poland, Sweden, USSR, China, French, Germany, Italy, USA)
- HD Tank Marks of Excellence (Alternate Versions for Japan and China)
- Fixed Phonetics and Historical Rank Defeinitions for Various Nations (Alt Versions for China Only)
- HD Barracks Mugshots for Various Nations (Alt Versions for China and USSR 1942)
- HD Ranks for Various Nations (Alternate Versions for Britain, China, and USSR)
- HD Ammo, Equipment and Consumables
- Historical Tank Designations and Descriptions
In Long-Term Development: A Mod Configuration Program.


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uploaded by John Der33
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