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My anime mod []

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uploaded 2020-01-20 13:06:58, by John Der33

All of mods I used is just for interface, nothing for game mechanic
- Harpoon reticle from Solo mod pack
- Angled half circle on Damage Panel from Solo mod pack
- Girls und Panzer unofficial voice mod
- Girls und Panzer loading wheel
- Girls und Panzer symbol in login screen
- Girls und Panzer background screen and movie in login screen
- Light enhanced tank icon in Garage
- Custom tank icon in player list ingame
- Custom ammo icon in Garage
- Girls und Panzer background screen in Event, Mission, Dedicated Tank, Store and Campaign tab
- Girls und Panzer images in Personal Reserved
- Custom Crew Role in Garage
- Colored hit on the tank (red for penertration, green for non-penertration, yellow for HE or premium ammo)
- Highlighted model of train platform in some map such as Ensk


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uploaded by John Der33
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