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[replaceAnyTank] Leviathan, working turrets (3 size available) 1.0 []

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uploaded 2020-05-21 12:24:22, by John Der33

convert the original WoT event tank G150_Leviathan into UML-compatible format, so advanced animation/effect can be supported, and the ability to replace any tank(s) of your choosing without affecting other players’ tank
comes in 3 size( original, sherman-size, kingtiger-size)
working secondary turrets
working secondary battery firing effect (backspace key)
camo disabled
at the moment, UML does not support 3rd-party particle effects, so the original ‘lightning’ firing effect has to be removed because the resources is deleted from client after the halloween event. It might come back later should I add this feature to UML.
important: UML 1.48+ is required.


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uploaded by John Der33
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