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ChoppedStraw with SoilMod Plugin v1.2.06

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uploaded 2014-09-04 10:18:00, by John Der33

This modification is for Farming Simulator 2013. It adds a layer with chopped material for all crops, rape and maize.
It also inserts a global specialization to appropriate combine harvesters to make this layers visible while harvesting with activated straw chopper.

Harvesters with one of the following specializations:
- chopperSwitcher (includes Titanium-DLC harvesters and MoreRealisticDLCs)
- strawSpec
- strawChopper

Soil Management & Growth Control (SoilMod) 1.2.x by Decker_MMIV

Processing chopped material with cultivator, plough or direct planting seeders will raise the organic fertilization level by 1
soil pH will decrease by 1 unit at the same time (exact decrease depends on pHScaleModifier map property)

Main-Script: webalizer
SoilMod-Plugin: Decker_MMIV, webalizer


ChoppedStraw with SoilMod Plugin v1.2.06, 1 photoChoppedStraw with SoilMod Plugin v1.2.06, 2 photo

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uploaded by John Der33
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