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Homemade Flatbed Trailer

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uploaded 2014-08-24 15:55:00, by nonSENSE

Homemade Flatbed Trailer

This is a homemade trailer which your father made back in 2001, since then it's been used a lot and looking quite worn. It's big enough to hold 5 British size bales in length, with places which you can secure your bales
with ropes. It is also suitable for transporting crates and wool pallets.

Price: 840 (cheap as it's homemade, good for realistic savegames.)
Daily upkeep: 4


Bale and object lock

Strobe light

Full lighting

Worn texture (AO)

By Mattxjs

Model: Mattxjs (AgentObsidian)
Textures: Mattxjs (AgentObsidian) and GIANTS (Tire texture)
Ingaming: Mattxjs (AgentObsidian)

baleLock - Geri-G edited by PeterJ
Beleuchtung v3.1.1 - Sven777b
objectAttacher - Geri-G edited by PeterJ


Homemade Flatbed Trailer, 1 photoHomemade Flatbed Trailer, 2 photo

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uploaded by nonSENSE
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