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Lakeside USA Map v 2.0 by Stevie

Rating: 5/5, based on 15 votes
uploaded 2016-01-19 01:06:00, by Admin

Here is Lakeside USA Map by Stevie for Farming Simulator 2015.
Version: v 2.0.

- Soil mod ready, multifruit, chopped straw, embedded particles and fillplane for all fruit and all vehicles.
- Brandnew farm layout.
- Large placeable areas.
- large forestry area.
- Many installed mods by the best mod makers in the world.
- Compost plant, Animal fattening, watermod, Pig forage Master, Beetmaster, Seedmaster, Marhu sawmill, milk sales, Milkmax machines, Salad Factory, Potato washers, Potato Steamer, Modular storage for all fruit. and much much more.

Dorset for some textures from his pack.
Map design and creation, Stevie, Custom models, textures and testing Luke_BK and Stevie. Installed mods, textures and scripts by: Farmer_Andy, Marhu, Blacky_BPG RC_Devil, Robbie FS_UK, Eisbearg, Upsidedown, Decker_MMIV, tater salad, Ifkonator, Dundee98, Kastor, KimG, Vertex_Design and Webalizer.
Thanks to Jim, Randy and Malcolm for extra testing

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uploaded by Admin
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Comments (9)

2016-01-19 05:47:28 Josh (Guest)
I can't get the map to load, heres my log text:Lakeside USA V2 by Stevie: Register Fill type: pig, beef, fattening cow, sheep, fattened chicken, cherry, plum, fattened goose, fattened rabbit, /Users/xfixme/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//lakesideUSAv2byStevie/map/map01.i3d (28240.37 ms) Script WoolPaletteCollector v2.2.1b by Marhu created id 8133! Support on Error: Running LUA method 'loadMapFinished'. /Users/xfixme/Library/Application Support/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//AnimationMapTrigger/AnimationMapTrigger.lua:173: attempt to index field 'AnimationMapConfig' (a nil value) Application exit request forced.
2016-01-19 12:58:20 notpitnalla
Not only would this map not load for me, none of my maps including the stock maps would load while this map was in the mod folder. I looked at the map with the editor and it looks like a really nice map so this is a dang shame.
2016-01-19 15:44:12 JDC (Guest)
Once again Stevie...AWESOME JOB!! I really enjoy playing your maps!! Only wish people would take the time and read the enclosed Word Document where you put that some mods will create issues and start with a clean folder, before they complain. Read the whole Word Document PEOPLE!! He explains how to do everything for you!!
2016-01-26 13:12:03 Red (Guest)
As soon as you sow grass courseplay stops working and you are not able to calculate routes. For the rest it is an amazing map. Good job!!
2016-01-28 11:28:33 Robert (Guest)
Love this map all working well after following your instructions but i cant find a machine to sow rye or soybean any ideas thanks
2016-01-30 04:42:56 Frank (Guest)
First of all GREAT MAP :o) When I open inventory to see what I have and where the best sell price is, I see this in one of the lines Missing Compost in I10n_en.xml What does that mean, and what should / can I do?
2016-01-31 18:31:10 ROBERT (Guest)
Any help please can not remove steamed potato's from steamer
2016-02-06 11:19:33 stancho (Guest)
every grass bale i make is a straw bale ?
2016-03-31 03:50:55 tsmith014
I have played all of his maps and every version but this one. ill download it and see

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