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La Luna 9:A day off in the countryside (v18/05/21)

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uploaded 2018-07-31 00:20:38, by ARAB

Welkom to La Luna8, A day off in the countryside!!

The map is not difficult but also not easy. 
I have split up the field in 4 parts. Unloading area 1 & 2 are easy,
An flooded area and find your way through the forest. 
Unloading area 3 will be more difficult and Unloading area 4, which is the furthest away, 
is the hardest. You will drive along the edges, and, and, look for yourself !! 
There is a lot of variation in height and a lot of curves.
My preference for this map, is also use smaller trucks or a truck with a 3pnt trailer :)

- You will use the winch several "more" times. 
- On the map are winch points, on the steep slopes and in some corners.
- There are 10 balance points,what can be divided over 3 replaceable trucks.
- The flags are placed simply, for some flags you have to make a little more effort :) 
An A3151 is also in the field.
- The last route use a lot of fuel. be warned !!
- It is not advisable to put the gearbox in the automatic, when you go downhill !! :)

Map size 1024m x 1024m
On the map: 
– 9 Trucks, (3 replaceables)
– 2 Garage (closed)
– 2 Fuel stations
– 4 Unloading areas
– 1 Loading area (1 log station & 2 log kiosk)
– 7 Conquer the flags
- 10 Balance points


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uploaded by ARAB
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