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La luna17 v1, American Wilds II

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uploaded 2019-02-19 11:19:56, by ARAB

Fellow truckers, welkom to American Wilds II

This map is based on the trucks from the American wilds DLC. 
De map is split in 4 areas, 
The city, rail yard and the two highways -> road trucks
The mountain and forest -> off road trucks
The swamp -> skidder / forwarder
There are 6 free slots for your trucks!

- the swamp is not accessible for trucks!! Or you will have a hard time!!
- If you not have the DLC, see the mod (forwarder dlc) see the link below. 
- You will use the winch several times. 
- Its handy to intall the mod tool, for the lenght of the winch.
- You need a lot of fuel to comply your mission.
- Pickup the flags first!!!!!

There are many tight routes! You will drive over narrow roads, through rivers, 
a muddy forest and swamp, along edges and through small curves! 
There is a lot of variation in height.

Map size 1024m x 1024m x 128m
On the map: 
– 6 replaceables Trucks
– 1 Garage (open)
– 1 Fuel station
– 1 Loading area
– 8 Unloading areas
– 16 Conquer the flags
– 16 Balance points


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uploaded by ARAB
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