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Map «La Luna 4: At the top» v 1.0 for (v18/05/21)

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uploaded 2018-07-03 16:13:27, by ARAB

Welcome to La Lune4, at the top

On this map you have to drive from the top, to the log site, the garage, the water valley and the forest. And these places are all lower. Only lumbermill 1 is at the same height, you wil drive along the edge. The top of the mountain has a long highway, the backbone! Each area has its own type of roads. You will start the game with a small roleplay ...

The forest is a high density area !, look at the ground (road) for mudtraces.
It is not wise to look for the flags with a truck! Especially when it is loaded :)

The story,
With almost empty tanks you arrive at the mountain ridge, you can just park your trucks in a parking space before your tank is empty. On the parking place is a car, you break the window, takes place behind the wheel, and the search for fuel starts .... success!

Map size 864m x 864m
On the map:
- 7 Trucks, 3 Cars
- 2 Trucks on start (replaceable)
- 1 Garage (closed)
- 2 Fuel stations
- 5 Unloading points
- 1 Loading point
- 1 log kiosk
- 7 Conquer the Flag


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uploaded by ARAB
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