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Map “Scenic Island Trails”

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uploaded 2018-10-27 10:53:10, by ARAB

Welcome to a whole new landscape for Spintires mudrunner. As far as i know, I'm the first person to bring this type of setting to a map on the workshop. I love things that are different in the game, because anything new that hasn't been done makes the game feel more fresh. In this map there are about 15 or 20 new species of plants. Also there are some custom waters and ground textures to enhance the feel of the map.

This map is actually based off of one of my maps originally released for the first iteration of spintires: Under The Lines. Other than changing the scenery and vegetation I have made enhancments to the original map.( It even surprised me that nearly 3 years later this map still holds up to a decent standard. )The map is more detailed and has better trail quality in general. 

This is a very muddy map. One thing we don't see enough of in todays generation of maps for Mudrunner is a map that isn't just filled full of rock models. With this map I wanted to prove that there still are ways to have good maps without a constant rock crawl. In this map there are some knarly crawling sections none the less. Also in this map you'll find some great trails with scenic views. There are a few tight sections, but as a whole, this map feels pretty open for the most part. 

Have fun kicking up some tropic mud & dust,


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uploaded by ARAB
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