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Map "Back Woods 2 - Aftermath"

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uploaded 2019-04-30 12:49:59, by ARAB

This map is set in a small town dealing with the aftermath of a devastating flood. All garages are closed and the mills are empty due to supplies lost in the flood. The mills are in need of logs and you will need to find and collect the missing garage carts to unlock the first garage.

Map features flooded water, logging, mudding, rock crawling and trailing...

3 locked garages (Retrieve the garage carts to unlock first)

1 fuel station 

2 lumber mills

1 log station

1 log scavenge

4 starting vehicles

7 locked vehicles on map (six in contractor lot)

Note: I recommend starting with a mod that has a hitch attached that can pull a garage cart, otherwise there is a B131 on the map.

Rocks on the map created by Nix & Spun.


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uploaded by ARAB
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