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Map “Flooded Town” v 1.0

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uploaded 2019-12-01 17:03:17, by ARAB

To All Drivers Heading To The Flooded Area,

As you know, this village was flooded when a dam broke up river. All of the inhabitants of the village have left, but the lumber mills on the hills are still operating on a skeleton crew.

This village is a crucial part of our logging operations in the area, and we intend to rebuild when the dam is repaired and the water recedes. In the meantime, log ships are still arriving. We have built a temporary dock and bridge-way to there from the part of town not underwater.

Your assignment: get the logs from the ship to the mills.


- The garage and fuel stations in the area are all underwater, so don't expect any on-site repairs or refuelling. You should find what you need in the trailers provided but, if you need, do take from any abandoned trailers you find in the town.
- We set up a vehicle storage area near the southern lighthouse, so you can find some log-hauling vehicles there. Other crews may also have left vehicles at the lumber mills.
- You should find a crane truck near the entrance to the temporary bridge. Return this when finished. Please do not leave any trucks on the bridge or temporary dock between crew shifts.

And remember, safety first. But also if you don't get the lumber to the mills then you're out of a job.


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uploaded by ARAB
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