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The map "La luna 10: American wilds" for (v18/05/21)

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uploaded 2018-08-26 17:25:25, by ARAB

Fellow truckers, welkom to La Luna10, American wilds

This map is not difficult but also not easy.
On both sides of the highway are mountains where are 5 unloading areas. 
Each unloading area has its own way, a few shared the road at the beginning.
There are many tight routes on the map! You drive on narrow roads, through
rivers, along edges and makes small curves that go down or up!
There is a lot of variation in height AND there are many stones along and on 
the roads. some routes are muddy.

I drove the map with 4pnt, 3pnt + 3pnt and 3pnt + 4pnt load. Unloading point
5 was the heaviest with the 3 + 4 load. Have gone down a number of times.
Apparently the truck was too big (MZKT7402 4x4 wheel truck). 
Challenge, go ahead. You start along the highw .... uh .. have fun!

- You will use the winch several "more" times. 
- On the map are winch points, on the steep slopes and in small curves
- There are 11 balance points,what can be divided over 4 replaceable trucks.
- Some of the flags are placed simply but all others are not!
- It is not advisable to put the gearbox in the automatic, when you go downhill !! :)

Map size 1024m x 1024m x 128m
On the map: 
– 7 Trucks, (3 locked + 4 replaceables)
– 1 Garages (closed)
– 3 Fuel stations
– 1 Loading areas ( 1 log station + 2 log kiosk)
– 5 Unloading areas
– 13 Conquer the flags
- 11 Balance points



The map "La luna 10: American wilds"  for  (v18/05/21), 1 photoThe map "La luna 10: American wilds"  for  (v18/05/21), 2 photoThe map "La luna 10: American wilds"  for  (v18/05/21), 3 photoThe map "La luna 10: American wilds"  for  (v18/05/21), 4 photo

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uploaded by ARAB
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