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Short Description:
Makes several tweaks in the game, most of them can be selected individually.

Long Description:

1. New Weathers

   • Adds two options of weathers, one cloudy and the other sunny.

2. Modified Vehicles and Add-Ons

   • Modifies the headlights, lanterns, orange lights and reverse lights of many vehicles and add-ons.
   • Modifies the horizontal and vertical limits of the camera of most vehicles.
   • Modifies the position of the driver and his legs in some vehicles.
   • Removes blue lens flares from all vehicles and add-ons.
   • Removes x-ray effects (fuel, engine starting, geometric delimitations, etc.) from all vehicles and add-ons.
   • Removes control panel from all vehicles, because its is artificial and its color is influenced by external factors such as the time of day.
   • Removes "Completion Stars Decal" from all vehicles.
   • Fix some floating add-ons, clipping, and another minor issues.
   • Adjust the position of some logs when using "log carrier with crane", which were very close to the crane chair.
   • Adds add-ons to MAZ-535 and MAZ-537, so now they can transport medium and long logs.
   • Rebalance the progression system, to be more logical and consistent (Log Points).

3. Removed Exaggerated Damage Effects

   • Some of the damage effects are too exaggerated.

4. Removed Bluish Tonality from Smoke

   • Originally the smoke is a little bluish.

5. Removed Honk Distortion and Honk Dust

   • When the horn is used, a distortion effect and particles appear.

6. Removed Film Grain Effect (Noise)

   • The "Film Grain Effect" is the noise effect that appears at night.

7. Removed Intake Effect

   • The "Intake Effect" is the effect of air entering the engine when you accelerate.

8. Removed Birds That Appear out of Nowhere

   • Whenever you use the honk near trees and vegetation, birds appear out of nowhere.

9. Fixed Headlight Texture

   • The original texture of the headlight has a problem, but it is difficult to explain with words, I suggest that you watch the video.

10. New Light and Heavy Honks

   • Changes the original honk sounds.


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