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KraZ-63221 “Ali” Truck

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uploaded 2019-01-07 11:45:00, by Guest


I ordered myself Kraz-63221 for the New Year with AliExpress, it seems to be cheaper. And he came right-hand drive, of the animations only fuel and half-camera. Cheat body was present one and four more of its add-on, plus seventeen default.
 Well at least with the lighting is not quite deceived!
 Happy New Year, everyone!!!

The author of the model: Victor BVG, thanks for the add-ons of Darius and others.
 The author of the envelope and refinement Tormentor80.

KraZ-63221 “Ali” Truck for Spintires: MudRunner :
 It remains the same Chinese with Ali, even though they have a new year until the 21st, but they jumped around!
 Added / removed addons. Dissolution and platform thanks Armata.
 Fixed glass, fixed lighting, set up a camera in the cabin when viewed back.
 The ability to carry 8 points of cargo.
 Other minor edits and changes.
 All happy New Year and other upcoming holidays!
 Wow, this Kraz almost a year went from release to update! (for a long time the parcel went from China, probably through Antarctica)))



KraZ-63221 “Ali” Truck, 1 photoKraZ-63221 “Ali” Truck, 2 photoKraZ-63221 “Ali” Truck, 3 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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