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Once you took the spare parts to the garage to the regional center, only they did not check during loading how the loaders fixed the spare parts in the back, but the loaders, for your trouble, were not in adequate condition and loaded everything “leave me alone”, of course, all the spare parts were lost on the way … By the way, you also did not get behind the wheel sober, for which you paid, no, fortunately you did not get caught by “enterprising traffic cops” and you were not deprived of your rights, but you “shattered” your car …
Your task now is to “patch up” your truck, find the lost garage parts, load them all onto the repaired KamAZ, open the garage and work in front of the men of the regional center garage on timber trucks, they themselves screwed up – the parts were not delivered to the garage on time)) Garage parts are machines, confused by you on all the map, where you just did not carry drunk …

On the map:
– 1 garage (closed)
– 1 felling
– 1 loading point
– 3 sawmills
– 1 gas station
– 5 points of intelligence
– 9 transport media (including three slots for your car at the start)

Map size: 640 by 640 meters.

P.S. I advise you to first deliver all the machines to one convenient place for loading, so that they can be loaded onto your KamAZ rationally and compactly, then only you can open the garage. The roads were all tested by Kamaz-5350, and they will deliver the garage parts where they should be. There are sections of roads where damage is almost inevitable, but all of them are 100% passable, in principle I did not use a winch anywhere, alternative roads are also present. The map did not go through to the end, but I checked the playability “from and to”, the loaders are working, the machines are loaded.



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