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Free The Zils

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uploaded 2019-06-27 00:40:34, by ARAB

The idea for this map came to me one night just before I was going to shut the computer down for the night.  I've thought many times that it was a shame hardly anyone uses the Zil while playing Spintires.  Oh, I realize why they don't use's next to a worthless truck compared to all the others and just doesn't seem to have a worthwhile place on any map.  
Then it hit me...create a map designed so  Zils can travel on without too much difficulty and yet make the map worthwhile for players to spend a couple of hours on.  I had to keep the hills lower and the roads a bit less steep or nobody would want to waste time trying to drive on it.  Yes, there are places where the winch is needed to make it up to the crest of a hill, but most of the map can be driven fairly normaly.

Hitting F1 gives you the full map - no cloakings.  This map has 2x Garages (1 unlocked) and 1x fuel stop.  If you want to unlock the 2nd Garage, you will have to discover and tow 4x of the "zil_trailers" there.  The 2nd Garage isn't really needed to finish the map, but it can really be helpful for repairs, plus up to 200 liters of fuel.  There are 4x Zil trucks available at the first Garage for Multi-player, if you wish to do a few others along the way.

Enjoy the map and please let me know what you thought of it....


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uploaded by ARAB
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