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uploaded 2019-12-12 03:27:47, by kyhk

It is important to understand that this is not a 100% card envelope from the game “Truckers 2”, but just a small fragment of the map, built by eye. There are some schools on the map: 1) A jamb with a map of roads – due to insufficient knowledge on mapping, I don’t know how to fix it; 2) Shoals with the joining of fences, fences and chippers. They look angular and at different heights. In the future, maybe I can fix it. The recommended passage of the map is to take the cargo from point “A”, take it to point “B” and unload. Cheating passage of the map – take the load at point “A”, drive 10 meters and unload at point “A”. On the map there are more than 6 km of roads, there is a little dirt on the road to Klyuchi, so you can’t do without all-wheel drive. There is one secret road on which it will be more profitable to drive than to go straight. The map uses third-party objects from the “Good Lumberjack Pack”. On the map: – 4 garages, 1 open; – 3 gas stations; – 3 lumbering; – 2 loading points; – 6 sawmills; – 2 technicians on the map (closed); – 4 slots for custom cars. Installation: copy the Media folder from the archive and copy to the root of the Spintires folder, agreeing to a replacement.



RIGNROLL MAP v 1.0, 1 photo

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uploaded by kyhk
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