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Silvan leads map v2.0 - Spintires: MudRunner

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uploaded 2017-11-18 16:53:29, by siberian


I present to your attention the map of Silvan leads – Leshiy leads. Why this is the name of the map, you ask. Yes, everything is simple. Eat you on the road, look at the map, yeah – here you can roll, go straight. Turn around, go yourself and you get kind of on the road, and she leads to another place. And start to wander. Also, be careful on the road, or you can lose transport with all cargo. But there are pluses playing with friends. One can take the UAZ and open the map while friends open the garage. UAZ on this map feels great. And of course the landscape pleases the eye. In my opinion one of the easiest of my cards that was created. A lone wolf can walk, but playing with friends on her is more fun. So dare, friends.

The map is completely missing Extrudes, in the Marshes and lowlands added Tint, sooner or later it will make itself felt.

On the map: 
– 1 Garage (closed)
– 2 Refueling
– 6 Pilots
– 1 Lesopoval + 3 points of loading
– 10 Points of intelligence
– 7 cars: Kamaz – 65115, Kraz -256, Kirovets – 700 (Closed), Ural-375 (Closed ), Kraz-255 Fuel Tank (Closed), Ural-432010 Repair Parts (Closed), 4 Zilka-131 (Replaceable)
– Map 32×32

Version 2.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v07.11.17):

– changed the water to the default (blue, dark) Now you can play without dancing with a tambourine.
– I removed trees in unnecessary places.
Extrudes did not add, there is no time for the test, although it would be nice to smear the swamp.



Silvan leads map v2.0 - Spintires: MudRunner, 1 photo

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uploaded by siberian
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