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Spintires Plus v13 for SpinTires (v1.5.1.)

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uploaded 2020-07-03 22:34:15, by kyhk


Spintires Plus is a collection of hacks / changes for SpinTires designed to change the game.
Installation: copy files to the game folder.

Version 13 for SpinTires (v1.5.1.):
This is a compatibility update for v1.5.1. Other notes:

– AlternateTruckMenu has been removed, which means that SelectStartupAddons can no longer be used. As I said earlier, sorry, I have no power to rewrite this for the new truck menu.
– AlternateMapMenu has been removed since v1.5.0 has finally added a scroll bar to the map menu, which makes this feature no longer vital.
– The above 2 means that ST + no longer has custom menus, so AntTweakBar is no longer needed. That is why AntTweakBar.dll is no longer there.
– HavokBufferSize has been deleted, if the absence of this option leads to crashes, then this is a problem in the game and, therefore, should be fixed in the main game. In addition, the base game is much easier to fix than the ST +.
– TrailerLoadFix has been removed since the base game now allows you to load unaligned full trailers.



Spintires Plus v13 for SpinTires (v1.5.1.), 1 photo

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uploaded by kyhk
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