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Reshade v3.0.8 Final

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uploaded 2017-07-30 14:18:29, by JuanBonX


More vivid and realistic colors for a better gaming experience. :)



- More vivid colors
- Clarity
- Sharpness


Changelog: Adjustments and improvements in Clarity, FXAA and Technicolor 2. (Clarity and more vivid color tone.)

Note: The Filter FXAA was activated in (SweetFX v2.0 and Reshade v3.0.8) with little intensity so that it does not affect the quality of the game environment.


Adjustments required * in the Game***

- Resolution: The Maximum of the Monitor (*)

- Brightness: By default (*)

- Contrast: By default (*)

- Enable FXAA: OFF (*)

- Enable Blur: ON

- Enable Shadows: ON (*)

- Level of detail: High (*)

- Density of Grass: High (*)

- Particle quality: Superior (*)

- Shading quality: Superior (*)

- Enable Geometric Deformations: ON

- Anisotropic Filtering: 16x (*)


Important: Replace the following paths in d3d9.ini**

- EffectSearchPaths=C:\Game\bin\win_x64\reshade-shaders\Shaders

- TextureSearchPaths=C:\Game\bin\win_x64\reshade-shaders\Textures

- ScreenshotPath=C:\Game\bin\win_x64

- PresetFiles=C:\Game\bin\win_x64\Vivid and Realistic Colors Final.ini


Warning: Reshade is optimized for video cards (Mid range). In low-end GPU the loss of FPS is very high.

Comparison (Loss of FPS)

- Intel HD 4600: +10 FPS in the Game and +30 FPS in the Interface

- Asus Strix GTX 1060 OC 6GB: 0 FPS in the Game and 0 FPS in the Interface


Reshade menu: Activate with Shift + Delete

Additional: The key to activate and deactivate Reshade is INSERT. By default it is activated when the game is started.


To use Reshade on 32-bit systems, use d3d9.dll and d3d9.ini (x86 dll folder (Backup).


Compatible: With most games


Download: (Settings DB)

FXAA: (Information)

Facebook page:



JuanBonX (Mod), (Autor ), Crosire (Reshade)


Giving thanks costs nothing.


Reshade v3.0.8 Final, 1 photo

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uploaded by JuanBonX
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