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@randy, stop used my version of the mod. If you want to have your own, take non-actual version and make it actual one. This mod is not yours, even is not mine, there are the whole group of people who worked on it. My name is never signed in manifest. My version is the Russian version, and I do not want any additional stuff in it from such randies.

Thanks! It is easy to add Harven's C16 engines. However, I listened to the sound of theirs for v1.37 in Summer, but I didn't like that. Maybe it has been changed since then, I don't know.

Relax, man! There were no errors in this mod ATS could have found.

@DrtičCZ There are not any sideskirts available for Classic or Classic XL. I say, nobody saw it or heard of it. You must have confused Classic with FLD120.

Hi! It is in animations.sui file that contains the list of all the truck's animations for its interior. You need change the line "//button_low_oil_pressure" for "indicator_low_oil_pressure".

@Бум-Бам Не надо отвечать поцам, которые применяют к тебе слово "мазафака".

@mods82, there was no need to post it here, on Modland, because I uploaded my mods for SCS worldwide community exclusively on this site.

It's all the same where to place it. SiSL's Mega Pack must be lower in the Mod manager.

@ATS randy man, nope! I took november 2016 and february 2017 mods. Why should you take july 2020 mod and say I grabbed odd_fellow?