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retar that makes mods or smth

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guys I fixed the damn mod in under 2 minutes hit me up if you want it

on Western Star 57X Truck
6 months ago

bro where am I on the author section, also u literally forgot include the entire truck its just the skin

just go download the author's fixed version, his own update is up right now

this mod is getting better and better

this isnt the ats section lmao

@THNMOOB im just saying so he realizes this isnt the american truck simulator section

on Toyota Tacoma 2022
7 months ago

proper epic tacoma

@Crash time the mod is wip buddy and its supposed to be jbeamed

@Gz thats because this is A MESHSLAP. it's slapped on the t-series which has a much smaller cab.

ok welp my fix and his fix got accepted at the same itme