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apparently kenemation thinks my newest mods are leaks "BOY THEY FUCKING ARENT" if i get my hands on new kenemation mods i will leak them


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after some testing i can conclude its amazing, a few days ago i got done my first mod which was a 2016 prius v, one mod i would like you to please make is the second generation prius, you made my grandmas camry, thats the model she had, i will give you a shoutout in my youtube video reviewing your mods, hopefully you can do the second gen prius, its paramount for the series im doing, again, absolutely no negative feedback from me, only positive, your doing your best and thats what counts, block out the haters, and let positivity set your path forward to success. 

@ameer show me images of this 

@r0lledroyce im not the monster that im being framed to be. 

@Derby Tycoon that is over, i say things i dont mean when upset

abdo it is me bonniegamer please check  your messages, the 2012 prius v is of no priority anymore, instead i remade the 2016 prius v which needs new and improved glowmaps, the revamp is alot better than original.. the glowmaps are the final touches it needs. all discord account of mine are not active and i cannot log in

@yeet i knew upload again was a bad idea, these annoying comments keep coming in

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6 months ago

@volkswagen jetta pioneer the vw +10000000000000000000000 social credit edition what generation of the jetta pioneer, what year span?

@Vasilyonok hell yeah thats planned, i made this one but it got reuploaded without my consent

@MrLionardo your feedback is most helpful. better than most crazy other comments ive seen, some are way out of line.. yours is very constructive. i will study more.

@rating sh!tass mods no i paid $95 for this model in hopes when its complete it would become popular