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Just uploading mods for everyone to enjoy. And if your not happy with free shit. Fuck you then. Cope

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6 days ago

@CaukEnthusiast_69 💀Kys Moron

on Honda Civic EG
1 week ago

Ya could have at least used my link to it lmao. I'm the one who originally leaked it. You took it from the guilded chat lol

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@famous gunz You have to have the "Gooseneck Hitch" selected under the d-series bed accessories. And then the trailer should connect to the truck like any other trailer. For the hitch itself comes with either the AR169B Trailer pack or the AR169B d-series addon. 

@SUNDAY That was a mistake on my part. I don't really know much about modding in beamng so i really didn't know what PRB stood for until i looked it up. So if i messed up i apologize. My mistakes in the description will be fixed once the corrections are approved  

@danil malak 💀💀