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So you got someone's mod that IS FREE, fixed the bugs and you are selling your fixed version? Man beamng modding community is a bunch of greedy mfs

on BMW 7 E32
4 weeks ago

Better than most paid mods

This website has turned into hotmart or something, everyone selling mods with questionable quality, when you can find impressive mods for other games for free, and yall keep buying then

Stop supporting paid mods!

on BMW 520D Sedan E39
3 weeks ago

Cool mod, but could you fix the missing textures?

Thanks Shved, leak the alfa romeo giulia pls

on BMW M5 2013
1 month ago

@xTim We have an imense lack of ferraris in this game, the only good one is a 430, the rest is garbage, if you cold get a good 488 pista, 458, ff, idk, any other good ferrari would be interesting

on Audi RS3 Y8 v1
2 months ago

Ppl need to start acting on paid mods, its getting out of hands

1 month ago

@CYCLONE CUSTUMZ ︻╦̵̵͇╤ Well thats why modding is a hobby, no one creates mods expecting profit

@1goorek You're a hero