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on Ukraine Expansion
2 years ago
Download link is update. Ukraine Expansion v0.4 for ETS2 1.40 and ProMods 2.52 is now available. Have a nice drive
on Ukraine Expansion
1 year ago
Ukraine Expansion v.0.5 is compatible with ProMods 2.56 and ETS2 v1.41
Possible something wrong with this update... Since I updated Trailer and Cargo Pack from 9.2 to 9.3 each loading of saved games takes a lot of time (about 10 minutes!). It happens when I use ProMods+Trailers&Cargo+MilitaryCargo+RailwayCargo. With version 9.2 everything worked good. If I use only ProMods+Trailers&Cargo or Trailers&Cargo+MilitaryCargo+RailwayCargo without ProMods there's no delay with loading of the saved game. I like your mods and want to keep them up to date. But 10 minutes save game loads drives me crazy :)

@George Please stop talking, if you don't know what are you talking about. You may play with your load order as long as you wish, but it doesn't fix the bug inside SRmap.BTW, someone already reposted my message on roex forum even not mentioning author.

@George Honestly, I'm not an author of Southern region, so I can't answer you why don't release a fixed version. I saw the bug I fixed it. You may use fix or you may wait until author released a new version. I prefer do not wait for next two years until a new version from author appears

@Sandy I have no idea why do you expect I must post something on roex forum. I made a mod, I post it here. It's up to you use it or wait every time while game is regenerating a navigation cache.

No, it's the same I posted on other forums earlier, I just forgot to post it here