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on East Coast Reworked
5 months ago

I love how no one reposted the map from the launch but somehow you come up with this broken version out of the blue with no credits and a copy-pasted description, which i find it totally disrespectful for me in the first place, then for the people here that look for mods and get broken stuff. I'm ashamed of what some users upload on this site since im constantly checking it for a while now and decided to make an account to post this. I hope this gets taken down, it's ridiculous.

on East Coast Reworked
3 months ago

Again, i don't know why would you repost a broken version of my map just to make all these people waste their time. The map is almost finished, i only have a couple things to do. When i will release it, i will post it here as well, so i'd ignore these reposts from other people if i were you.

on East Coast Reworked
5 months ago

@Bertram I am currently working to fix the map, the fixed version is going to be on the forum thread and i might post it here as well so i can avoid any sketchy repost.