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on Colour Skies Platinum
2 months ago

The Snowrunner version is underway, but will not be released untill my housing problems do not receive a better solution.

Hoped there won't be a rusty green version. But no, of all colours possible only this was cloned.

I need a container or boxcar for this truck. To drive it with log platform is dumb, and I have used the cistern all over 100 times :)

on Colour Skies Platinum
6 months ago

Note ! The variants of the day exchange randomly, starting from a random one, not one after another. Plus it stays long on one, so you may not be able to see all in one gameplay. That's the game's original preset, by adding more variants - became more difficult to see them. However the 8 and 6 variant files are only a few, most are 4 and 5. I keep testing on the exchanging matter so in future it may be improved.

on Spintires Realism HD
6 months ago

It's not normall to register in a site just to download 1 file.