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Bourgault IAD600 Pack
Bourgault IAD600 Pack
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on John Deere 9560RT
6 years ago
Why would you waste out time with a unfinished beta?
on Krone BigX 1100 FL
6 years ago
Wow, this has to be the dumbest thing ive seen yet lol
on JCB Fastrac 8310
7 years ago
Why does it always look dirty?
I spent some time playing with the Krone Ultima CF155XC non stop baler, and I must say my initial reaction was shock and amazement at how cool this really was. I mean it looks great, has manual loading for the netting and foil wrapping, pre bale chamber to keep you moving and auto unloading. That was all great until I really go into using it. then the problems came in and fast. First was the bale size select, 1.3M, 1.4M and 1.5M. Only the 1.4M can be picked up with the standard bale trailer. The 1.3M and 1.5M bales are not supported and NONE of the sizes can be picked up with the CAT Flatbed bale trailer. This is a huge disappointment. Second, the Work Camera uses "Y" to turn on or off which is the same key as the Manual Ignition. I know this is an easy fix but still an issue. Third, the pallets that contain the net and wrap have holes that are too small and they get caught / stuck on the pallet forks easily. Fourth, the baler requires a "hotfix" from BM Modding to fix other multi player / dedicated server issues with it. So, with all that said, This baler is all show and no go. Very very disappointing
@ FSModding (Guest) Sorry to tell ya but this mod is on almost every mod site.
on MAN AGRAR 8x8
6 years ago
This is just the truck, everything else must be downloaded separately, go here
on Hobbs Farm Map
6 years ago
Great map, big fields, lots of forestry.....some cool buildings too.
on Caterpillar D7R
7 years ago
Initial thoughts: This thing looks very cool. After trying it, I think this thing is great. It drives and turns like a true Dozer. It is a must have for silage. I would like to see a few very minor changes tho. Light bars / beacons....there should be something on the roof. Textures on the drive gear / sprockets could be improved so its on all the same color, Backup beeper could be alot better. Overall, a great machine, and imo a must have. Thank You.
on Caterpillar D7R
7 years ago
Should also add, the Blade should be able to push silage. Again, this is a great start :)