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Why do you keep spamming this? You posted it yesterday

this is prob a vivace meshlap just by looking at the gauges. Better not to pay for these mods as we have better free mods than this.

on Megane Rs Trophy R
6 days ago

etk wheels, etk logo on navigation, bastion gauges, missing textures on the indicator and pedals. should be free

on [PAID] BMW E65 760i
1 month ago

Lol it sounds like a muscle car not like a bmw.. who in their right mind would pay 29$ for this? PAID MODS SUCK.

How To Install This Mod: Open .rar file, open ToyotaCamryPack_modland folder, drag vehicles onto your desktop, then select that vehicles folder and if you have 7zip, right click that vehicles folder and select 7-zip -> add to Then drag that .zip file into ur beamng game and boom it works.

? this is free on

I can buy 3 beamng copies for that price

Finally a Seat mod in beamng.. unfortunately its paid

Fake don't download

i looked into the files and yes, it seems like it. nonetheless, im grateful someone revamped this