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IM just uploading free mods for everybody :) If you don't like it, Cry and whine


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1 week ago

@Phaien  casual Phaien W

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1 week ago

thank you for having my link on there :)


Please use the external download. Not the one that says

@Mr man didn’t know a zipped file could have a virus, Your ignorant

@guest this guy ain’t know how to use modsfire lmao

Reuploader, Imagine not using my download link for a mod you got from me 🤨

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1 week ago

If ur gonna reupload the mods from the site at least use my links

@ILoveKyhksMods No, They can have a virus application in them, But they won’t effect you unless you purposely unzip the file and run any exe that is in it, Which would be really inconvenient for any hacker

@ILoveKyhksMods didn’t know a zipped file could have a virus. You smartest person to survive covid 💀