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8 months ago

To all the new people seeing this mod and wanting to download it, I recommend NOT TO. The reasons why would be because #1 It is a trojan #2 It ruins the game completely and also corrupts beamng's official cars #3 It is very outdated #4 The link to google drive is locked as well. So Please Listen and do not download it unless you want your game broken.

on Fishing Boat
2 years ago
volga quit being a rager in comments nobody even did something to you gosh people these days...

Bruh everytime I spawn it in, it just makes my car fly and it's not even a bentley

bruh 58 likes and 58 dislikes I would've never guessed it's equal at a high number

Aight I need this to stop with the people posting paid mods on a website that's meant for free mods i mean yeah i get it there are a lot of people using modland to download mods but fr this just means you're trying to use your mod on mod land just to lead people into buying your mod. I don't mean to make it sound like i want everything for free but fr im just saying what i think this is.

Frix. This isn't f**king okay. What you're doing is committing copyright infringements. You'll literally get sued for this sh*t for using the company's name and overpricing it. And be aware, not naming a mod [PAID] is against modland's TOS and it can get you banned from here. But that's not even the worst part. You can literally get sued for the crap you did on Patreon. If you think I'm just playing around being an angry 5 year old not getting a paid mod for free, atleast I won't be the one having to get sued for money and get banned from modland.

on Kia Granbird
6 months ago

Guys do not download this mod for the following reasons:

#1: Textures on the outside are too reflective

#2: Textures on the inside are literally just gray plastic without any color

#3: No steering wheel

#4: Front Window has no break texture when crashing the car

Wtf mods that cost damn money whoever made this and made it cost money then go touch grass kid (if you're gonna buy this mod just to upload it here for free then thank you for the risk if nobody is yet then do it it's worth the money for people to enjoy this "free" reuploaded mod)
Get tf out of here i swear to god i will get my credit card, pay for it, and leak it everywhere on the internet for free. Make it free or i will.

why is this in the bus section???