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yo dude I am having you banned by today this is my mod and if you don’t remove it by today i will have you remove by the application thank you 


@Pisoka  i am waiting for staff to reply

@GhostyBoi02  they aint even yours to begin with L bozo

@TT  the vogue is currently being made by my friend and there is cayenne by Kenemation 

@LuluLeGarsNormal  i Could be it wont have an animation its just going to pop out

@fh  which ones free though ?

this is the free version 

plus royal Renderin to the same body from ours I installEd it and it was the same jbeamn and files aswell one of the obj files were mine have that 

@Nonya  you know it isnt his right none of the mods he posted is his its by my friends mods on discord i asked him if i could post it

@GrYYnchY  sorry its Kenemation mod not mine

@NathanCross  well no sorry not yet