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Up the Hill Map
Up the Hill Map
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on Hobbs Farm Map
5 years ago

i like this map very much but I cant unload anything at the buildings for straw, grass, forage etc..... i have to go in the building and drop it in the heaps in front of the grain unload part. Is it just me??? And its real hard to get a semi in there. Dont want to do it in small trailers. looks like I have to modify the amount manually.....

on Up the Hill Map
5 years ago

Vielleicht ist es dem Computer. Wie Sie die Karte läuft gut und alles funktioniert in der Video-Review zu sehen. Versuchen Sie es woanders Trolling lol

on Bourgault IAD600
5 years ago

not showing up in the store

I can' get the front loader to attach?? Any suggestions??

Man I was excited for this map. It was the first map I played when I first played this game v1.3 but I was disappointed to see that the manure holding was replaced with a wash station!!! Where was it moved I cant find it????

on Mach 230 VRT
5 years ago

Won' show up in the store

box legs never go up

on Large Trailer
5 years ago

Wont hook up to the MAN truck, well it does but it hooks up all weird and either it sits too close to the cab and it wont turn or it sits right but it pushes it down into the ground......

It's in the baling category. Very nice mod. I carry doubles hauling the hay

Whats with the high unrealistic speed on both of them??