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4 months ago
sooner than later the CEO of SCS Software will realize the large number of paid mods that there are and the party for these people like zeemods, jon ruda, doms etc... they are going to run out since they are profiting from their mods being these more than twice as expensive as the original game with dlc's included as the peterbilt 379 of doms, so good for those who have bought them because they have spent their money on something that over time will be outdated because it turns out that its creator is facing a lawsuit for profiting without PERMISSION with a game THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO HIM, it's like SCS uses truck brands without their permission. With nothing more to say, I say goodbye.
on Peterbuilt 389 glider.
3 months ago

nice mod, very nice

4 months ago
@GUEST In another time this was not like that in another time the paid mods did not exist but well, what do you want me to do to worry about a war that I cannot stop? Do you think I can stop people who sell drugs? stop defending what you know is wrong that they spend hours and hours grabbing a mod is not my problem, because THEY decided to do it they put a price on them they bought the models I came here to try to stop something that I CAN stop I worry about what happens in the world but am I Putin? am I Biden? To stop this war, am I a policeman to arrest someone who sells drugs? No, I'm not, I'm just a virtual trucker who comes to defend the rights of those who don't have the money to spend more than $80 on something that's virtual and that you can't even touch. The most you can touch is the bill. that purchase. Now the SCS Software community has been divided between those who don't have paid mods because they don't have money for these mods and a game without dlc's and those who waste their money on virtual things that as I said they can't touch even though they pay a heap of money that's how divided the SCS Software community is.
on CAT 3406E Sound mod
4 months ago
@Trucks and Horns no I haven't tried but I'm going to bring an n14, what do you think?
on All Zeemod sound
5 months ago
totalmente sierto jajaja
4 months ago
@GUEST what if I accidentally confused you with someone else haha, sorry... that answer was not for you
Hello, are you going to keep this truck updated forever?
@SMRS Well, maybe I didn't know how to explain myself well, but what I want to say is if you are going to keep the mod updated regularly, for example if there is an update that makes a change in the game that ruins the experience with the truck or something like that.