Hey I'm a new mod uploader! here I publish high-quality and tested mods. If I reupload a mod and the creator of the mod doesn't like it, he can write to me and I can take it down if I wish.


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on Deleted
2 days ago

One of ur best mods out there!

on Ferrari 458 italia
4 months ago
bro just put roblox in the beamng mods category lmao
Du machst die besten Mods! Weiter so!
Glass has no texture when it breaks. Please fix :)
on BMW X5 F15
6 days ago

@ASD no

on BMW X5 F95
2 weeks ago

@Kenemation mods I took down the sharemods link.

on BMW M4 F83
1 month ago
no, the car makes the whole game laggy
Hi, I recently downloaded and tested the mod. I noticed that the screen where the map is normally displayed has no material. That's annoying. I cleared the cache and it didn't do anything. I hope it gets fixed in the future. but otherwise cool mod!

@ThrottleGamer never paid attention. Apparently there isn't either. who uses them