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on Vehicle Straps
2 years ago
Thank you, it is not complicated, you just need to know write right lua lines in right place :)
on Towline 3D
4 years ago
How about add me to the credits when copy whole my script:
on Wood Shovel Loader
6 years ago
i dont think so, i dont play fs17 and i dont have much time to convert vehicle mods. i can only convert script, because they are very similar in both version. sorry man
Video with similar truck in real life:
on Liebherr LTM1300
5 years ago
Hook is controled by "AXIS_CRANE_TOOL3". In my settings, it is middle mouse button axis X. Check your controls settings.
Unloading button was changed from v1.1 (from x to z). If you used v1.1 before, you will need to remap it in game controls config manually. Or you can search fo "AUTOLOADWOOD2_TOGGLE_UNLOAD" in inputBinding.xml and edit it.
streetreaper: Then open inputBinding.xml and delete all binding with "AUTOLOADWOOD2" and save it. When you start the game, it load new updated binding for v1.2