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I make average quality mods, i make mainly private (not paid) mods but i sometimes release some public ones

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Škoda Octavia MK1
Škoda Octavia MK1 1.0
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on Škoda Octavia MK1
2 weeks ago

@Sendleakedmods shut up you young criminal supporter

@Leaker lmfao i dont sell mods, i make private mods that i give to only some people (I DID NOT MAKE ANY PAID MOD, im againt paid meshslaps too)

@GamingwithNathen sorry but probably no, and even if i did you probably wouldnt see the mod on modland, i only release mods when they get leaked or as christmas gifts for example, but i will take the car in consideration for a mod i will release on christmas

on Škoda Octavia MK1
3 weeks ago

@Pudzian2137 nope, i clearly said i wont be updating/fixing the mod in any way

on Škoda Octavia MK1
2 weeks ago

@Sendleakedmods what should i cry about? you are the one losing modders because of leakers, and you are the one supporting criminals

on Škoda Octavia MK1
3 weeks ago

@kornto it would take me years to  make all these mods

on Volvo Polestar 1
3 days ago

@Lemo stfu even tho it is a bad quality mod, its definitely not a "no texture wigeon supra" because that supra was a troll mod made like a year ago

CZ : Jakej je důvod to reuploadovat? nic z toho nezískáš, EN : Whats the point of reuploading it? you dont get anything from it

@xsx yes, there are both front and side airbags by default, if you dont like them you can deselect them in customize vehicle menu

@Slovak Octavii 3 už dělalo hodně lidí, a navíc stejně by si jí tady na modlandu asi neviděl, tyhle mody sem dal na modland protože je někdo leaknul