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i hate leakers and paid mod leakers

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@yessir man  the mod is not worth anithing lol, it looks like automation

get a life
on Mazda MX-5 2021
1 year ago
looks bad
on Machakos Rallycross
7 months ago

@THNMOOB  "uploaded original link so it isnt reuploaded, mod isnt mine, im just combating reuploaders" read please

on 1931 Gavril Phanta
7 months ago

@dominikdot not based on anithing

on Funny Buggy
5 months ago

this is the 0.27 buggy tho


@Insane Mods they do infactthey just dont like paid mods with assets that arent your own (aka meshslap with ripped model)

@BNDTZ in reply to [do what u want, the support of people are what allows me to keep making mods. making mods aint free, the duramax is a leaked mod that was on a patreon] i make mods and upload them for free, it takes a bit of time, but advertising is just .....
5 months ago

@leak this baller