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Unfortunately, you are all so wrong. The assets in automation that help us create these vehicles are Free-to-use with no legal disclaimers stating that it is illegal to sell your full creations containing these assets. And at that, my Patreon is more focused on my Youtube channel than my cars, so the cars are a benefit for subscribing to my Patreon, not the only thing on there. And the Patreon is totally optional, no one is forcing you to get it, making it also not a scam. All the money in the patreon is going towards fixing my camera car so I can get back to filming, and to helping me buy better equipment to make better videos and do more for the videos, so I am not profiting (monetarily) off of it. The cars are a benefit, not the focus, the assets are free-to-use, and there are NO legal disclaimers (As of now) stating that these cannot be sold.

@pls Why can't you get a job? It's worth the price honestly. Have you seen the extent of paid mods? Do you justify Kenamations? I would think not. These are justified prices, you're all just mindnumbed from the fact that free mods have been around for so long, that people learned they could make money off of their talents, which can help them out short-term and long-term.